30 Ekim 2018 Salı



In ANYCARD we wanted to develop more than just a magic application and we did it.
ANYCARD is a real magic tool that allows you to create truly impossible effects.
It will build your reputation on your own.

ANYCARD allows you to display any deck card on your phone screen instantly and without difficulty.
Your friends will be speechless.

A spectator will be able to think of any card, touch your face with the deck facing, and be able to imitate it freely.
This card will look exactly. You had real psychic powers.

Depending on your taste and style, you decide how to select and show the paper. Put it as effective or just click your finger on the screen to make it appear.

ANYCARD has been tested for a long time with normal viewers and wizards. No one ever understood how it was possible.

No voice commands.
No image recognition.
Simple to perform.
No coercion.
Any card.
Any deck.
Also available without a card.
Unlimited possibilities.
Immediate reset.

A modern miracle will ALWAYS be with you.

Enough advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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